Candidates Declare They'll Govern Differently Than Lynch

Jun 14, 2012

3 of the 4 leading hopefuls for Governor have filed their candidacies.  All say they plan to be more assertive than Governor John Lynch.

By any measure, Governor Lynch has been one of the most popular governors in N.H. history. But most of his potential successors say it’s crucial to take a different approach governing. Republican Ovide Lamontagne was perhaps the most complementary for Lynch, noting that Lynch made efforts to be bipartisan. But Lamontage also indicated voters can expect a firmer approach if they elect him.

“I am going to be different in that I am going to be a leader. I will make decisions.”

Democrat Jackie Cilley, a former state senator, promised to use the corner office to drive policy discussions.

“My idea is to use that platform to educate the citizens of the state and to have a very candid conversation with them.”

Republican Kevin Smith, meanwhile, said he’d never be shy about articulating his beliefs, or taking decisive action.

“Sometimes that is going to make some folks unhappy but at the same time folks are going to know they have a leader.”

Smith is the only gubernatorial candidate to have ever worked in a Governor’s office. He was a staffer for former Governor Craig Benson; an experience Smith said taught him that good relationships with key lawmakers are needed to get things done. Democrat Maggie Hassan has yet to file her candidacy. Unlike her rivals, Hassan has said she considers John Lynch’s leadership style a model.