Canterbury Passes Looser Farmstand Regulations

Mar 12, 2014

Credit USDA

Regulations on farmstands in Canterbury will be loosened.  Two-thirds of residents voted in favor of the measure on Tuesday. 

Under the old ordinance, half of all farmstand inventory had to be produced on the home farm.  The other half had to be "locally grown."  Under the new rules, only 35 percent of farmstand products have to be grown on-site.  Former selectman Tyson Miller was a strong supporter of the controversial change

“Other towns have been doing it.  It was kind of complicated in the actual wording of the language," Miller says.  "But once they realized it pretty much was lining up with what the state has for an RSA, and it was also an easier route for people with farmstands to go, that we won.”

The remaining 65 percent of farmstand inventory only has to be “agriculturally related.”  So farmers could sell things like baked goods, cheeses, gardening tools, and country crafts.  Pembroke passed a similar change on Tuesday.