Clinton Talks Manufacturing Jobs in Salem

Dec 9, 2015

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stopped in Salem on Tuesday where she held an event focused on manufacturing jobs.



In a packed gym at Woodbury School, Clinton unveiled her proposals to boost employment in that sector. They included the creation of a few tax credits; one aimed at communities hit by layoffs, and another geared toward employee training.


“I’m proposing a $1,500 tax credit for every apprentice a business hires," Clinton said, "so you can actually pay them something so they can stay and learn the skills they need in the marketplace.”


To pay for her plan, Clinton says she would raise taxes on the wealthy, and close tax loopholes that she says corporations take advantage of.


“They don’t need the tax break. You do. Small businesses do. Companies that are building and hiring here do.”


Clinton also responded to Republican Donald Trump’s recent proposal to bar Muslims from the country, calling it both shameless and dangerous.


“At a time when American should be doing everything we can to lead the fight to defeat ISIS and other radical jihadists, Donald Trump is playing right into their hands.”