Council Approves $3.6m Rail Study

Feb 6, 2013

Studying the feasibility of running commuter rail from the Massachusetts border to Nashua, Manchester and Concord has been a fraught topic for the executive council.  Last year, the then all GOP council, narrowly rejected the proposed study, which relies mostly on federal money, as too costly. But with democrats now holding a council majority, the issue got a fresh look.  Governor Maggie Hassan says she hopes studying rail will  answer a key question.

"Rail does bring economic development with it, economic development that creates jobs and improves property values. The question for N.H. is, is the economic development that will come with rail, enough to offset the cost?"  

Republican Chris Sununu was the lone councilor to oppose the study. He called it a boondoggle and says it’s already clear expanding commuter rail north of Nashua isn’t economically viable.