Daddy's Junky Music Closes

Oct 27, 2011

From Twitter:

DADDY'S JUNKY MUSIC CLOSING? that's where I got my first guitar

wishing to have given in to the recent compulsion to visit

after 39 years......I'm shocked!

Remember to tip your guitarist for delivering that pizza.

And so it went.

An iconic store of New England’s music scene has shut its doors.  Daddy’s Junky Music was forced by creditors to close its operations after 39 years. 

Over that time, owner Fred Bramante supplied performers great and not-so-great with guitars, amplifiers, and whatever else a rock musician might need.  It’s 12 stores fell victim to a slow economy, competition from the internet, and the costs of settling a law suit.

Listen to our interview with Fred Bramante as he looks back at the bands he worked with and what it is like to close the doors on an enterprise that lasted for a generation.