Dartmouth Conflict of Interest Claims Attract AG's Attention

May 29, 2012

The New Hampshire Attorney General is looking into claims that the trustees of Dartmouth College are funneling money for the investment of the school’s endowment into their own pockets.

An anonymous letter written three months ago sparked the Attorney General’s review. A group of Dartmouth faculty claims to have written it. 

They say, they have witnessed “the quiet takeover of this great College by a cabal of external, wealthy alumni.” The letter goes on to say the school’s trustees have “directed the college’s three billion dollar endowment to themselves, their firms and their friends… at the expense of the College and the Upper Valley.” 

Dartmouth spokesman Justin Anderson says the AG has not launched an investigation, and is reviewing the letter. Anderson says that nothing the letter describes is illegal or improper.

"We find it to be inaccurate, misleading, irresponsible and riddled with all sorts of falsehoods."

The letter became public when it was published by an alumni blog last week.