Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Mayo Clinic Announce Collaboration

Jul 28, 2012

Dartmouth-Hitchcock will become a member of Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic Care Network in a deal announced Friday.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock is joining a handful of other health providers around the country who are members of the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

That means Dartmouth-Hitchcock and the Mayo Clinic will be able to collaborate on patient treatment. Dartmouth-Hitchcock doctors can share both patient information and seek professional opinions from Mayo.

Gregg Meyer, the Chief Clinical Officer at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, says that the partnership will benefit New Hampshire patients.

“I think what it means for a patient is ‘I’m able to get the care where I’m close to my loved ones, in an environment that I’m familiar with and in a place I know is affordable because we’re not going to have to travel.’ Most importantly, this is a service that’s going to be brought to patients at no cost. This is a value we’re able to bring to them through this relationship.”

Mayo’s Clinic Care Network launched last year and has members across the country.