Day 12: The Drawing We All Win

Nov 26, 2012

Day 12 brings you the best gift of all, the one you give to your loved ones, your community, and yourself – the gift of public radio! Every time you support NHPR, you ensure that the award-winning news coverage, programming, and events that you have come to rely on day in and day out will keep coming your way. Your support at this time of year is especially essential, as we look to close out 2012 strong!

Plus, when we raise $50,000 today, we will receive an additional $12,000 from a group of dedicated listeners!

Perhaps you have been following us as we covered NH’s first in the nation primary in January, relied on our real-time reporting during the general election in November, tuned in each morning to hear insightful and balanced discussions about the issues you care about on The Exchange, shared something fresh and interesting you heard on Word of Mouth – no matter how you listen or how often, you rely on public radio and, in turn, we rely on you!

Listener support makes up 40% of our funding. We keep our budget as tight as we can without compromising the service we provide, but we still can’t do it without you! We have some important news coverage in the works for 2013 – kicking off with live coverage of the gubernatorial inauguration and including a year-long series examining education in the Granite State – as well as community events and the programs you love, none of which would be possible without your gift of support!

And, of course, if you have already made your gift during the December drive, thank you!