At DNC, Keene Woman Shares Story of Daughter's Substance Abuse

Jul 26, 2016

Pam Livengood of Keene speaking at the Democratic National Convention.

A New Hampshire woman took the stage last night at the Democratic National Convention to talk about how the heroin and opioid addiction crisis is affecting her family.

Pam Livengood of Keene spoke about having to take care of her grandson Francis after her daughter and her boyfriend got caught up in drugs, starting with pain medication.

"For my 50th birthday, I got a 2-year-old," Livengood said at the start of her speech.

“It’s hard to explain just how devastating it is to watch your child struggle with substance abuse. I know my daughter loved Francis, but love wasn’t enough to take care of him.”

She told the audience last night that her daughter is now treatment, but has a long road ahead of her.

Livengood first shared her story last year during a roundtable discussion hosted by Hillary Clinton.  

During her speech Monday night, Livengood called Clinton the leader the country needs.

"I'm not saying that leader has to be a grandmother, but it sure helps," she said.