The Dogs (& Cats) Of NHPR, Vol. 3

Oct 21, 2013

Credit Rebecca Lavoie / NHPR

Owner: Ostensibly, Rebecca Lavoie; realistically, no one
Breed: Cockapoo
Likes: Witholding affection, Lifetime Movies, Sara Plourde & Zach Nugent
Dislikes: Basically everyone else, looking like a river otter after getting a haircut

Credit Ryan Lessard / NHPR

Owner: Ryan Lessard
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Favorite Food: Cheese, glorious cheese
Favorite Activities: Barking at pandas, seals & other dogs on TV; inspecting visitor clearance levels

Credit Michael Rathke / NHPR

Owner: Michael Rathke
Breed: Dachshund
Likes: Belly rubs, chin scratches, and giving kisses
Dislikes: Thunderstorms, garbage trucks, and fireworks

Credit Michael Brindley / NHPR

Owner: Michael Brindley
Breed: Pug
Age: 10 months
Favorite Activities: Chasing cats, snorting, doggie paddling in Lake Winnisquam, hide & seek, guarding the house from not-so-dangerous neighbors, checking in on the latest updates he's featured in on his Auntie Erin's blog

Credit Rebecca Lavoie / NHPR

Owner: Rebecca Lavoie
Breed: Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier
Likes: Chewbarka (see above), eating Comcast remotes, running interference on Bridey's attempts to court affection

Credit Sara Plourde / NHPR

Aunt: Sara Plourde
Owner: Sara's BFFs Tony & Sasha
Excels At: Telling stories, eating bacon, looking quizzically at Riley while she chases rabbits under the deck, hiding from loud noises (see above), shedding
Dislikes: Loud noises

Credit Becky Kates / NHPR

Owner: Becky Kates
Skills: "Helping" Becky fold NHPR mailings, finding the boxes said mailings go in, sitting in said boxes

Credit Becky Kates / NHPR

Owner: Becky Kates
Celebrity Lookalike: Business Cat

Credit Ellen Grimm / NHPR

Owner: Ellen Grimm
Likes: Howling soulfully when family members play assorted wind instruments (and harmonica)
Passionately Dislikes: Ironing boards of all stripes, particularly those that squeak when opened; city buses, especially the one that ran over her paw (don't worry - she's fully recovered!)

Credit Sara Plourde / NHPR

Owner: Betsy Gardella
Breed: Miniature Poodle
Is A Fan Of: Betsy
Is Wary Of: People who are not Betsy

Credit Emily Quirk / NHPR

Owner: Emily Quirk
Breed: "Canus Felis Silvestris Catus" (a.k.a. Gray Cat)
Namesake: The Grateful Dead's "Althea"
Loves: Sleeping under the covers, tuna, pretty much anyone who walks through the door
Superpower: Tolerating inspection by Emily's 19-month-old with zen-like composure

Credit Todd Bookman / NHPR

Owner: Todd Bookman
Breed: Mixed
Likes: Ham Three Ways
Dislikes: The perfume her master sprays on her in lieu of a bath

Credit Beth Szelog / NHPR

Owner: Beth Szelog
Enjoys: Hiking, rounding up the cats (not shown) to stare at Beth
Awards: Best Wag, Pet Idol, Best Kisses (runner-up)

Credit Jane Thurston / NHPR

"Grandmother": Jane Thurston
Breed: Chocolate lab
Age: 12 weeks
Likes: Swims, taking walks, and playing with squeaky toys

Credit Sara Plourde / NHPR

Morris, A.K.A. Pernicious Neighbor Cat
Owner: The fine folks at 129 Cumberland Avenue
Enjoys: Trying to charm his way into other houses, creepin' on your patio furniture, creepin' in rose bushes, general creepin'
Is Saddened By: Not actually being a ninja

Credit Laura Atherton

Breed: Labradoodle
Owner: Laura Atherton
Hobbies: Playing hard, sleeping hard; Kissing ears and faces (Laura goes through a lot of Purell)
Vice: Stealthily snatching food off tables
Redeeming Qualities: Cuddles like it's his job; can almost say "I love you!"

Credit Laura Atherton

Rock Star
Breed: Miniature Poodle
Owner: Laura Atherton
Talents: Will stretch, shake, or wiggle on command; snuggling; being adorable
Hobbies: Endlessly chasing and retrieving balls. ENDLESSLY.