Eagle Returns To Portsmouth

Aug 2, 2013

America’s Tall Ship has returned to New Hampshire. The 300 foot long U.S. Coast Guard sailing ship Eagle, is now docked at the  State Pier. 

The Eagle approaches the Memorial Bridge
Credit Roger Wood / NHPR
 “I think it was spectacular," says Judy Miller of Portsmouth was one of dozens of people lining the pier located nearest  to the newly rebuilt Memorial Bridge. "Gorgeous day.  I think everyone just enjoyed watching a very historic day.” She watched as the Eagle seemed to barely clear the raised center span.
“I think it’s a great great moment.  That’s why we spent the last four hours waiting for it," says Chuck Garabedian of Dover who was also impressed by the moment that the three masted vessel sailed up the Piscataqua River. Garabedian is also a volunteer with the sponsoring group, the Piscataqua Maritime Commission.  Don Coker chairs the commission.  He says that the tall ship will be open for public tours all weekend. “We should put in boldface capital letters, the magic word....free,” chuckles Coker.