The Edible Edition of Here's What's Awesome

May 20, 2010

Food is something we share over a table, but in the virtual world, food bloggers are sharing recipes, reviews and culinary tips across the web.

NHPR’s Webmaster and Word of Mouth Internet Sherpa Brady Carlson has been checking out New Hampshire’s crop of food blogs and is here to share some of his favorites.

An Awesome Choice of Food Blogs:

Tucker Cummings: A Brave New Breakfast

Melomeals: $3.33 A Day: Delicious and Healthy Vegan Meals Food for $3.33 A Day

Pizza NH: A Slice of New Hampshire

AND, here's another thing Awesome:

These people made a cannon that shoots cupcakes. And then they made a slow-motion video of the delicious carnage. Need I say more?