Entirely Real Photos: Even Adorable Royals Get Sleepy

Aug 30, 2012

The first thing I want to clarify about this photo of Lady Louise Windsor — she's Prince Edward's daughter, if you forgot your trading cards — watching track cycling at the Paralympics is that I mean nothing snarky toward either her or the Paralympics by posting it. I think the Paralympics are amazing, and I firmly believe she is the cutest of patooties (sorry, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS the cutest of patooties). (Though there is a question as to her HRH, which she apparently mostly doesn't actually have!).

Frankly, any kid can get bored at any event, no matter how enjoyable. Kids will fall asleep in a pile of gifts, for crying out loud. This is a marvelously normal kid-at-event moment. Generally speaking, Lady Louise here was clearly having a great time, as in this photo where she's getting into the spirit while sitting between her mother and her ... let's see, her cousin's wife. Yes, that's right, her cousin's wife.

Speaking of which: Having been one of the very few hundreds of zillions of people who were in London to watch these people roll by in a carriage after they got married, I feel that I have a special interest in pointing out how many great photos of them hanging out together have come out of the Olympics and now the Paralympics. Clearly, I did a good job supervising their wedding.

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