Facing Declining Enrollment, Manchester Schools to Layoff Employees

May 9, 2017

In Manchester, the city School Board has approved a plan by the superintendent to lay off 14 school district employees.

The positions to be eliminated all come from Manchester high schools and include an English teacher, a Latin teacher, and a P.E. teacher.

Superintendent Bolgen Vargas says the layoffs are a direct result of declining enrollment in the Manchester School District – that trend has been steady over the last decade.

With fewer students, the district gets less money from the state. Vargas says stopping that decline is one of his major priorities.

“The number one challenge is what can we do to make sure we address the reasons behind why we are losing so many of our students.”

The layoffs will take effect at the beginning of next school year.

Meanwhile, the city’s board of aldermen is expected to vote soon on the school district’s proposed budget.