The Factory Girls of China

Mar 27, 2012

Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook has touched down in China. His trip comes just days after the company published the results of a probe by the fair labor association on working conditions in Chinese-owned factories where popular devices like iPads are assembled...and weeks after writer and performer Mike Daisey was forced to admit that he made up about some of the events, sites and people he met in China which made up his monologue “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.”

Marketplace’s Rob Schmitz, who has been reporting in China for years, exposed Daisey’s lies. Last week, he was asked whether correspondents in China were indeed reporting the truth about conditions in the colossal factories that have made China a global industrial power. Schmitz noted several excellent reporters and books, including Factory Girls by Leslie T. Chang. We spoke to Chang when the book first came out.