Fighting Crimes Of The Future...In The Present

Jul 24, 2013

Credit NakedSwanTrader via Flickr Creative Commons

The 2002 film Minority Report, based on a short story by Philip K. Dick, imagines a futuristic crime unit that uses data provided by psychics to apprehend criminals before they commit crimes.

A Massachussetts-based company is bringing the power of prediction to global events. “Recorded Future” calls itself “the world’s first temporal analytics engine.”  It’s not the only firm using big data to create predictive modeling, but is one of few partially funded by government intelligence agencies, including the CIA and NSA. “Recorded Future” has developed products designed to precisely forecast public riots, corporate bombshells, and cyber-attacks, among other global game-changers. Neal Ungerleider is a journalist for Fast Company, where he wrote about the CIA-backed start-up.