Financial Literacy & Debt Management for the New Year

Jan 4, 2016

Many Americans in the new year are resolving to become better budgeters, to spend less, and to pay down their debt. But while a consumer-driven culture has certainly contributed to overspending and increasing debt for many the economy and sluggish wage growth in recent years has also made it harder to be as thrifty as our frugal New England ancestors might have hoped.


  • David Flores - counselor with GreenPath Debt Solutions, a nonprofit credit counseling organization.
  • Ron Lieber - 'Your Money' columnist for the New York Times. His book, called 'The Opposite of Spoiled', is a guide to teaching kids about money.
  • Ryan Tufts - Home ownership counselor at HOMEteam, a non-profit that helps people buy homes. He teaches HOMEteam’s seminars both for prospective home buyers and also on general financial literacy.