Five Great Moments In Math...In Movies

May 28, 2013

Credit amysimmer via Flickr Creative Commons

The huge breakthrough in math that came from the brain of a relative unknown in mathematics got us thinking about the way math genius has been portrayed in pop culture.

It didn't take a genius to come up with this prime number...our top five moments in movies.

5. Little Man Tate upstages the "mathemagician," proving that a child prodigy can, sadly, be over the genius hill.

A Mathematics Challenge
Little Man Tate —

4. "Sneakers"...that part when they figure out what that box thingy does.

3. Val Kilmer reveals the secret to being a "Real Genius" is not giving a flip about homework.

2. Pretty much every time James Horner's soundtrack swells in "A Beautiful Mind."

1. Matt Damon's pretty much a genius throughout "Good Will Hunting," but no more so than when he solves this seven-digit problem.