Flooded N.H. Roads Slowly Begin To Reopen

Jul 5, 2013

Credit VTDarkStar / Flickr Creative Commons

Some roads damaged by floods last week and early this week have reopened, but the clean-up will continue for some time.

The havoc wreaked by flooding was concentrated along the Connecticut River Valley. Department of Transportation spokesman Bill Boynton says Rt. 12A, which runs along western edge of the state from White River Junction to Keene, remains closed in Plainfield and Alstead. As does Rt. 120 in Lebanon.

“There’s still a fair amount of work to go,” says Boynton, “We did have a lot of crews out working yesterday, worked a long day yesterday. And this of course is separate from the local road damage which is very extensive in some areas.”

Rt 63 in Westmoreland is open, but travel is restricted to one lane in sections. 

Boynton says DOT crews have also been out inspecting bridges for damage, and have thus far, found nothing serious.