Folk Show Calendar 3.23.14

Mar 23, 2014


Wednesday, March 26

>>>The Paul McKenna Band at the Skye Theatre ~ South Carthage, ME ~ 7pm ~ 207-562-4445,

>>>John Prine, Capitol Center for the Arts, 8 p.m. Concord, NH ;

Thursday, March 27

>>>Blackbird at the Pizza Stone ~ Chester, VT ~ 7pm ~ 802-747-8664

>>>Incas Wasi at Theater in the Wood ~ Intervale, NH ~ 7pm ~  603-323-7302

Friday, March 28

>>>The Steep Canyon Rangers & Della Mae at the Silver Center for the Arts ~ Plymouth, NH ~ 8pm ~ 603-535-2787

>>>Stovepipe Mountain Band at the Greenhouse Restaurant ~ Warren, NH ~ 8pm ~ 603-764-5708

Saturday, March 29

>>> Gurf Morlix, The Windham Ballroom, 8:30, Tickets at or by calling Popolo at 802.460.7676.

>>>Great North Woods Talent Showcase w/ The Fireside Fiddlers, Carolyn’s Friends,Lyndall Demers & Joyce Ball, The Nadeau Family, Sarah Noyes and Joyce Ball at St. Francis Hall ~ Groveton, NH ~ 6pm ~ 603-246-8998

Sunday, March 30

>>>Beverly Woods at the Tamworth Lyceum ~ Tamworth, NH ~ 1:30pm ~ 603-323-5120

Tuesday, April 1

>>>The Tao Drummers of Japan at the Lyndon Institute ~ Lynndon Center, VT ~ 802-626-3357

>>>Steve Schuch at the Fox Research & Demonstration Forest ~ Hillsborough, NH ~ 7pm ~ preregistration required ~ 603-224-9945,ext 313

                                                                          Wednesday, April 2

>>>Jim Rooney reading from his new book In it for the Long Run, A Musical Odyssey, Morrill Library, Strafford, VT, 7pm, reading (will be selling/signing books)

Thursday, April 3

>>>John Gorka at the Flying Goose Brew Pub ~ New London, NH ~ 8pm

>>>Jim Rooney, reading from his new book In it for the Long Run,  Bagito's, Montpelier, 6pm VT, gig  w/Colin McCaffrey (will be selling/signing books)

Friday, April 4

>>>Celtic Fiddler Hanneke Cassel at St. Paul’s Church ~ Newburyport, MA ~ 8pm ~

>>>Patty Larkin & Melissa Ferrick at the Stone Mountain Arts Center ~ Browenfield, ME ~ 8pm ~ 207-935-7292

>>>Reilly & Maloney at Delrossi’s ~ Dublin, NH ~ 8:00pm ~ 603-563-7195

Saturday, April 5

>>>Hanneke-Cassel  at the Unitarian Universalist Church ~ Peterborough, NH ~ 8pm ~

Thursday, April 10

>>>David Wilcox at the Flying Goose Brew Pub ~ New London, NH ~ 8pm

Friday, April 11

>>>Leo Kottke at the Palace Theater ~ Manchester, NH ~ 7:30pm ~ 603-668-5804,

>>> Loudon Wainwright III,  with guests, Bennett and Perkins at the Flying Monkey,

7:30pm, Flying Monkey Movie House & Performance Center in Plymouth, New Hampshire

Saturday, April 12

>>>Roosevelt Dime at the Simple Gifts Coffeehouse ~ U.U. Church ~ Nashua, NH ~ 7:30pm ~ 603-882-1091

, MA ~ 8pm  ~ 978-459-5134

Saturday, April 19

>>>Buskin & Batteau at the New Moon Coffeehouse ~ Haverhill

Thursday, April 24

>>>Geoff Muldaur  at the Flying Goose Brew Pub ~ New London, NH ~ 8pm

Friday, April 25

>>>Tom Rush at the Peterborough Players Theater ~ Peterborough, NH ~ 8pm ~ 603-827-2905,

                                                                    Friday, May 2

>>>Jim Rooney, reading from his book In it for the Long Run, A Musical Oddyssey, Coolidge Hotel Salon Series, White River Jct, VT, 6pm, reading/gig w/Pat Alger & Colin McCaffrey (will be selling/signing books)


Note: Most dance locations require clean soft-soled shoes and do not allow street shoes. Partners not required.

Every Monday


>>>Contra dance at the Town Hall, Nelson, NH, 8PM, 603-827-3044 or  Callers & musicians include Don Primrose, Jeffrey Petrovitch, Lisa Sieverts, Rich Hart, Bob McQuillen, Gordon Peery, Harvey Tolman, Lloyd Carr & Roger Treat

>>>Clogging  at Dance In Motion Dance Studio ~ Randolph, Vt. ~ 6:45 PM, workshop 6:00 PM ~ 802-522-2935,


Every Wednesday

>>>Scottish Country Dance /w Loren Wright leading at The Church of the Good Shepherd ~ Nashua, NH ~ 7:00 PM ~ 603-891-2331 or

>>>Scottish Country Dance /w Bernard McGrath leading at The Westminster Center School ~ Westminster, Vt ~ 7:30 PM ~ 603-352-9371 or 802-463-3078

>>>Contradance at the Richard W. Black Center, Hanover, NH, 7 PM,  781-385-1480

>>>Scottish Country Dance /w John Bartholomew leading, Bill Tobin and Gary Apfel at The Town Hall ~ Fairlee, Vt. ~ 7:00 PM ~ 603-353-4647 or

Every Friday

>>>Scottish Country Dance at The Community Parish House ~ Greenland, NH ~ 8:00 PM ~ 603-773-9795 or

>>>Scottish Dance /w Bill Tobin leading at The Town Hall ~ Lancaster, NH ~ 7:30 PM ~ 802-751-7671 or


Every Sunday

>>>Circle Dance at Neskaya ~ Franconia, NH ~ 3:30pm ~  603-823-5828


Thursday, March 27

>>>Circle Dancing  at 7:30 p.m. at the Milford Unitarian Church . Every dance is taught and beginners are welcome. No partners needed. Contact is Mary Kuhn and her phone number is 603-487-2732. Email

Friday, March 28

>>>Contradance w/ David Kaynor & The Greenfield Dance Band at the Guiding Star Grange, Greenfield, MA, 8pm, 413-367-9380 or

>>>Sacred Circle Dance at the Portsmouth Center for Yoga & the Arts, Portsmouth, NH, 7 PM,  603-664-2796

>>>Scottish Country Dance at The Unitarian Church ~ Keene, NH ~ 7:30 PM ~ 603-352-3237 or

>>>Mad Robin Contradance at the First Congregational Church ~ Burlington, VT ~ 8pm ~

>>>Contradance w/ Frank Woodward, Rich Hart & The Milford Musicians at the Town Hall ~ Milford, NH ~ 8pm ~ 603-487-2480 

Saturday, March 29

>>>Contradance w/ Rebecca Lay at the Capital City Grange, Montpelier, VT, 8pm, 802-744-6163,

>>>Kitchen Junket Barn Dance w/ Two Fiddles at the Wind in the Timothy, Canterbury, NH, 8PM, 603-783-4719 or

>>>Contradance at the Town Hall, Warner, NH, Beginners Class: 7:30 PM, Dance: 8pm PM

Thursday, April 3

>>>Contradance w/ Peter Yarensky, Sarah Mason & The Lamprey River Band at the City Hall, Dover, NH, 8pm, 603-664-2513, Email:

Friday, April 4

>>>Traditional Square Dance at the Town Hall, Wentworth, NH, 8 PM,  603-764-9993
>>>Contra & Scandinavian Dance w/ Steve Zakon-Anderson & Moving Violations at the Guiding Star Grange, Greenfield, MA , Scandi 8pm, contra 8:30pm, 403-549-1913,

>>>Keene Family Dance at Heberton Hall ~ Keene Public Library ~ Keene, NH ~ 6:30pm ~

Saturday, April 5

>>>Play Ball w/callers Adina Gordon & Steve Zakon-Anderson, bands: Perpetual e-Motion & Notorious at the Peterborough Townhouse ~ Peterborough, NH ~ 6pm-Midnight ~

>>>Contradance at the Town House, Peterborough, NH, 7:30PM:workshop, 8PM:dance,

>>>Contra w/ George Marshall & Wild Asparagus  at the Guiding Star Grange, Greenfield, MA, wkshp 8pm, dance 8:30pm,

>>>Contradance at the Town Hall ~ Deerfield, NH ~ 8PM ~ 603-463-4182, 603-679-1915 >>>Contradance w/ Rebecca Lay at the Capital City Grange, Montpelier, VT, 8pm, 802-744-6163,