The Forecast For Natural Gas

Sep 17, 2013

With its abundance and low price, natural gas has recently become New England’s preferred energy source, viewed by some as a cleaner fossil fuel. But growing demand has also raised concerns – about the reliability of supplies and possible price hikes. Also, there are long-term questions about becoming too dependent on natural gas.

Credit WabbyTwaxx via Flickr Creative Commons


  • Steve Clemmer- Director of Energy Research & Analysis for the Union for Concerned Scientists. He conducts research on the benefits of implementing renewable energy technologies and policies.
  • Sam Evans-Brown – Environment Reporter for NHPR
  • Greg Lander – Owner of Skipping Stone, a Professional Resources & Energy Consulting Firm. He has expertise in the natural gas industry.

Here's a link to the UCS report on overreliance on natural gas mentioned by Steve Clemmer during the show: