Forget Westminster, Here Are The Dogs of NHPR

Feb 11, 2013

The Second Annual Dogs of NHPR is upon us, just in time for the 137th Annual Westminster Dog Show. We have a lovely selection of various breeds, and even a few other pet species thrown in for good measure. So without further ado, we present with minimal editorial input  substantial editorial input, the Dogs [and other critters] of NHPR.

Credit R. LaVoie

Stewart Lavoie-Flynn
Owner: Rebecca Lavoie
Favorite Foods: Blue Buffalo Salmon and Potato kibble, used paper towels, Comcast remotes.
Activities: Walking in the woods, snuggling, eating Comcast remotes
Favorite TV show: The Wire (lots of dogs barking in the background on the gritty, gritty streets of Baltimore)

Credit R. LaVoie

Bridey Lavoie Flynn
Owner: Rebecca Lavoie
Breed: 4 year-old Cockapoo (yes, she knows it’s a ridiculous breed name)
Favorite Activities: Looking scornful, withholding affection, breaking into the trash, getting brushed
Vices: Addicted to trash, both digging in and eating
Entertainment: Public radio. Duh.

Credit B. Szelog

Dog: Fenway
Cats (from L to R): JoJo, Nonnie, and Olivia
Owner: Beth Szelog
Fenway's favorite activity: Forming a posse of cats to stare at Beth while she eats.
Fenway’s favorite food: Cat vomit

Credit R. Lessard

Owner: Ryan Lessard
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Favorite activities: Watching dog shows, watching the movie Bolt
Super Powers: Preternatural intelligence, instantaneous cuddling
Addiction: Cheese, delicious, wonderful addictive, cheese

Credit ???


Fake Owner: Chris Jensen
Real Owner: Chris’ next door neighbor
Stats: Male, blue-eyed blonde, Husky/Collie blend
Enjoys: Long walks in the woods, urinating on trees, long naps, barking at bears, unabashed meticulous cleaning of his nether regions.
Famous quotes: “Hey, if you dragged your crotch through the snow you’d want it cleaned pretty quickly, too.”

Credit S. Dore

Owners: Steve & Cindy Dore
Breed: Sheltie
Age:  5
Favorite things: Fetch, wrestling and snuggling
Super Power: Walking on ceilings

Credit N. Chervek

Rosa, SnaggleToe, Thing 1, and Thing 2
Owner: Nathan Chervek
Hobbies: Hunting bugs, karaoke, laying eggs, and long romantic walks in the backyard
Favorite foods: blueberries, melon, RedBull.
Celebrity Crush: Nate says, “Not sure, but I'm pretty popular when I walk into the backyard with a bag of stale bagels.”
Favorite Quote: "Quack."

Credit E. Corwin

Current Owner: Emily Corwin
Former Addresses: Arizona, Los Angeles, Connecticut, Boston
Hobbies: hunting for voles; swimming; and aggressive cuddling
Dietary Restrictions: Insists on dining with company; won’t eat his kibble unless a human is also eating, nearby.

Credit S. Plourde

Owner: Sara Plourde
Age: 210, in dog years
Enjoys: Comic books, Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast, The Venture Bros., being low maintenance
Dislikes: Traveling in suitcases, the ravages of time, moths

Credit R. LaVoie

Owner: Betsy Gardella
Breed: Poodle
Hobbies: Being Betsy’s biggest fan, being wary of people other than Betsy
[Editor's Note: This image has not been altered. Courage is suspiciously white because he just had a bath.]

Credit R. LaVoie

Owner: Taylor Quimby
Hobbies: Looking pathetic, hiding treats, hiding under blankets
Dislikes: Rain, Nickelback’s first album, Rebecca Lavoie

[Editor’s Note: Slander charges are pending against Ms. Lavoie as she has allegedly called Angel-Rose “ugly” on numerous occasions.]

[Senior Producer's Note: Angel Rose IS ugly. /RL]

Credit L. Shannon

Anonymous Manchester Squirrel
Stalker: Logan Shannon
Hobbies: Parkour with his squirrel friends, eating pecans, being cute
Dislikes: Forgetting where he left his nuts
Aspirations: Finding his nuts