Forum Discusses Importance Of Arts And Culture Organizations To N.H. Economy

Mar 13, 2013

Arts and cultural enthusiasts from around the state gathered in Concord Wednesday to talk about the economic impact of cultural non-profits. And analysts say the arts and culture sector is a $115 million industry for the Granite State.

Last fall, keynote speaker Randy Cohen compiled a report on the economic impact of nonprofit arts-and-culture organizations in New Hampshire. He says about 20% of art event attendees are from out of state and pay about 15 more dollars on average than state residents on event-related spending beyond the cost of admission.

“So we asked those folks one other question. Really, quite simply, why are you here? Y’know, you here on business? You here visiting family or… 61% of attendees said we came specifically for this arts event.”

The report also found that arts and culture organizations generated about $12 million in state and local revenue.