Four-Alarm Brush-Woods Fire In Littleton

May 8, 2013

Spring is a time that worries fire fighters because the forest and brush are not yet green enough to resist a flame.

That was a problem Wednesday afternoon in Littleton.

Diana Levesque never wants to wake up from a nap this way again.

She was sleeping Wednesday afternoon when she heard noises outside her home high on a hill on the outskirts of Littleton.

Credit Chris Jensen for NHPR

Fire trucks were pulling up around her house and there were flames all around.

“The woods are all on fire and the wind is blowing. It was just crazy. I pretty much had a heart attack.”

Within 90 minutes or so the fire – on some steep hills and ridges – had gone to four alarms with fire fighters from the state and neighboring towns responding.

Sound of fire fighters coordinating efforts….

That’s an unusually large for in the North Country and smoke could be seen for miles.

Fire officials say it is important to check with local fire officials before burning anything outside.

Credit Chris Jensen for NHPR