Fund Drives
11:46 am
Wed October 9, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions About NHPR Fund Drives

What's up with fund drives? We're here to fill you in.

What’s the deal with NHPR fund drives?

On-air fund drives are one of the most effective ways to raise money for the station and to gauge the quality of our service.  We know that NHPR reaches nearly 200,000 weekly listeners through our broadcast from 12 sites across the Granite State.  However, we don’t know who many of those people are, or whether they like what we do. There’s no better way to reach our audience and ask for support and feedback than an on-air drive.

How many on-air fund drives does NHPR have each year?

We have regular on-air drives in October and March, and shorter, “mini-drives” in December and June. Our annual Summer Car Raffle takes place in August.

Why do you have a fund drive in December?

Many people make tax-deductible charitable contributions as the end of the calendar year approaches. In fact, some people only make contributions at this time of year. We don’t often talk about donations to NHPR being tax-deductible, but they are! December is a good time to remind listeners of that benefit.

Why do you repeat the same thing over and over during fund drives??

If you’ve heard the same messages again and again, chances are you’re a pretty loyal listener. Which means we love you.

But keep in mind that people who are less loyal may hear just one or two hours of NHPR each day, so to them, the messages don't sound so repetitive.

Where does the NPR news "go" that is displaced by fundraising breaks?

Well, on air, it doesn't go anywhere - we just don't play it!

However, we do pull down each segment of Morning Edition, Here & Now, & All Things Considered online - with audio, if NPR makes audio available - and those are posted to our website every day. You can click the linked program titles here or find each show in the main menu bar under "Programs" to listen to anything you may have missed. Plus, we never delete that content - so you can listen back to segments you missed three hours, three days, or three months ago!

Missed segments of Marketplace can be heard at

Why should I become a Sustaining Member?

When you become a sustaining member, it means less work for both of us.

Think about it. If you became a Sustaining Member during the October 2012 fund drive at the $10 per month level, we will automatically renew your membership at the $10 per month level in October 2013. Had you not became a Sustaining Member, we would send you multiple renewal notices via mail. 

On our end, we know we can count on your support, and work instead to earn new members of NHPR. On your end, you know you’re covered and don’t have to worry about renewing.

When you download the NHPR app, you can check out MemberCard discounts and benefits that are close to where YOU are. It's a pretty nifty feature.

What levels do you accept for Sustaining Memberships?

You can become an NHPR Sustainer for as little as $5 per month. However, at the typical $10 per month level, you will automatically receive the NHPR MemberCard, which allows you to get savings at restaurants, hotels, and attractions all over New England. The savings alone can pay for your membership!

And if you're worried about keeping track of where your MemberCard can be used for discounts, you can download NHPR's smartphone app, which points you to the many deals you could be taking advantage of based on your location or preference.

How does Sustaining Membership affect on-air fundraising?

As more of our donors become Sustaining Members, we will need less on-air fundraising to secure renewal of memberships every year.  We will always need to do some on air fundraising to reach new listeners and to speak to listeners who have never given, but our hope is to drastically reduce on-air fundraising over time as our Sustainer program grows.

Why do you talk about giving $1,000 or more?  I can’t afford that!

That’s okay!  We appreciate any amount you can give. 

Some listeners have decided that when they look at their other bills, like cable or their smartphone plans, an $80 or $100 dollar-per-month gift to NHPR is totally worth it for the amount of listening they do.

That’s the beauty of public radio…you get to put a dollar value on your listening, and then you get to choose to give. At any level, it’s a pretty great deal.

Okay, you've convinced me. What do I do now?

Giving is EASY. You can call us at 1-888-805-6477, or use one of the links below to support NHPR right now. And thank you!

Click here to make a gift to NHPR. 

Click here to become a sustaining member of NHPR.