Full Senate Set To Take Up State Budget This Week

Jun 1, 2015

It will be a busy week at the State House with the Senate having its chance to weigh in on the state budget. 

After weeks of sorting through the numbers, the Senate Finance Committee has sent its $11.3 billion version of the budget to the Senate floor Thursday – where it is expected to pass.

The Republican-backed plan restores funding to developmental services, elderly care and substance abuse treatment that was cut in the House version. It also puts back money in the state’s rainy day fund as well as the renewable energy fund.

But does not include Medicaid expansion or a state employee pay raise that was funded in the Governor’s proposal.

The Senate will also be voting on a measure that would decriminalize a half an ounce or less of marijuana and a bill that would grant immunity for those who report a drug related emergency.

Senators will also vote on a last minute proposal to nix a provision to the state’s business tax code that was introduced after the gym franchise, Planet Fitness, threatened to leave the state if it didn’t change.