GMO Awareness Rally Supports Labeling Bill

Aug 10, 2013

A GMO awareness rally will be held at noon today in front of the State House. The rally intends to promote a pending House bill supporting consumer labeling of genetically modified products.

Supporters of the upcoming labeling bill believe that genetically modified ingredients pose a number of health problems to consumers. Bonnie Wright, member of Right to Know GMO NH says that the group’s main goal is to make GMO information public.

“We have the right to know, for whatever reason, why we want to avoid GMO, or even if we don’t care if we avoid them or not, it’s our constitutional right. We have the right to know what we’re eating.”

Similar versions of the GMO bill have been passed in Maine and Connecticut, and one is under consideration in Vermont. The N.H. bill has been retained in committee since January, and law-makers will be discussing it this Tuesday. A final committee recommendation to the House is expected this fall.