GOP Candidates Strive to Highlight Differences in Hooksett Forum

Aug 29, 2012

GOP Candidates for Governor Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith met in Hooksett last night to make their cases before republican voters. But despite their efforts the two continue to have a hard time drawing a sharp contrast between each other.

Lamontagne and Smith answered questions on everything from budgeting to education, gambling, the liquor commission, energy and the developmentally disabled.

The two biggest applause lines were for Smith pumping the recently passed voter ID bill –

Smith: Again, this is something that should be a non-partisan issue!

… and Lamontage talking right to work.

Lamontagne: and I’m gonna be criticized because I support right to work. It will put us on the map!

But for republican voter Ed Sterling, there wasn’t a whole lot to distinguish the two.

Sterling: I found one maybe slightly more passionate and aggressive on trying to attract business to New Hampshire.

For Sterling anyway, the night went to Kevin Smith... if only by a matter of degree.