GOP Files Complaint Seeking Budget Detail; Hassan Says She's Working On It

Feb 25, 2013

Governor Maggie Hassan says her administration is still preparing budget documents state law required her to present to lawmakers 10 days ago.

At issue is what’s known as HB2, that’s the bill that implements the policies in any state budget. Governor Hassan says its in the works.

"We are working on the document, its being drafted."

But republicans charge Hassan’s tardiness is making it harder for lawmakers to do their jobs. In a letter to Attorney general Michael Delaney, State GOP chair Jennifer Horn asked Delaney to “instruct the Governor’s office to immediately comply with the law.” Governor, Hassan, meanwhile, seems unperturbed.

"It (HB2) has often been presented after the Feb 15 deadline, and it is my understanding that I am still on the early side of completing HB2."

In fact, only once in the last 20 years has HB2 been presented to lawmakers by its legal deadline; in 2001, by then-Governor Jeanne Shaheen.   In most budget cycles, HB2 wasn’t submitted to lawmakers until March.