G.O.P Gubernatorial Rivals Spar Over Gambling, Budget

Aug 9, 2012

In a largely bloodless exchange, Lamontagne and Smith took turns answering audience-submitted questions in front of the standing-room only crowd.

Both candidates said they oppose the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Both candidates affirmed they are pro-life and that they support traditional marriage.

They both staunchly oppose broad-based income or sales taxes.

But the two GOP candidates broke step when a question came up about bringing gambling to the granite state.

Lamontagne stated he would only favor an expansion of casino gambling at Rockingham Park, to which Smith rebutted that the state shouldn't choose favorites:

"I don't believe the state should be picking winners and loser and choosing monopolies in this situation. Ovide's law firm also represents Rockingham Park, so all the moreso it should go out to a fair bidding process."

The candidates also sparred over how to handle the state's budget.

Lamontagne favors a zero-based budget, while Smith would pursue a budget based on efficiency.