Gov. Hassan Appoints Three To Casino Oversight Commission

Jul 31, 2013

Governor Maggie Hassan Wednesday announced three new members to a commission charged with recommending how the state would regulate casino gambling, should it be approved.

Hassan’s appointments to the Gaming Regulatory Oversight Authority commission include Democratic State Representative Richard Ames of Jaffrey and Londonderry Police Sergeant Patrick Cheetham.

The democratically-controlled House of Representatives voted in May to reject a proposal for one high-end casino, a plan backed by the governor and the GOP-led Senate.

Ames voted in favor of the casino proposal.

And Hassan appointed Manchester attorney and former state Democratic Party chair Kathy Sullivan, who also supported the casino proposal.

The new state budget calls for an extension of the 12-member oversight commission created in 2010.

The Attorney General and the Lottery Commission’s Executive Director are also on the panel.

Hassan said the group’s findings will help address concerns among lawmakers about a lack of plan for regulating a casino.

The commission’s first meeting is slated for August 15.