Gov. Hassan Hosts Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Mar 30, 2013

Children and parents prepare for the egg hunt
Credit Jonathan Lynch / NHPR

Parents and children from across the state attended the annual Governor’s Easter Egg Hunt in Concord.

Governor Hassan was on hand to kick off the Easter egg hunt. She extended special thanks to the organizers of the event as well as to the state employees in attendance:

“We are so grateful for the work all of you do and we are so happy that the weather is cooperating and that your children have decided to join us too.”

A crowd of children swarmed across the Bridges House grounds, searching high and low for the multi-colored eggs.

Seven-year-old Thomas from Tilton is a three year veteran of the event. This year he managed to find an egg with a prize ticket in it:

“I just found it in a light blue egg that was under a tree. Everybody was over on one side. I just saw it and picked it up and opened it and there it was!”

The hunt is traditionally held on the Saturday before Easter.