Gov. Sununu Weighs In On Recent Controversies Emanating From White House

Feb 13, 2017

N.H. Republican Governor Chris Sununu reinforced his support for President Trump, even as he acknowledged during an Exchange interview that certain matters could have gone more smoothly in recent weeks.   

On President Trump's allegations of widespread fraud involving busloads of voters coming to New Hampshire to sway the election, Sununu appeared highly doubtful but also unwilling to criticize the President -- as other prominent Republicans and Democrats have done.  He also seemed to reserve judgment, suggesting that the White House may have access to information not yet public.

"Is there specific evidence of voter fraud that I know of? No there's not, there's not," he said. "Do we need to strengthen our voter laws? Yes, there's no doubt about that. We have a lot of ambiguity in our voter laws. I think there's a lot of areas where we can strengthen and more clearly define the laws to make sure that it is a clean process... But you know I do hear the president's concerns. We have been reaching out to the administration and basically saying, look, if there's real evidence, then, yes,  let's keep that conversation going and let me understand what you know. Maybe they know something we don't. But is there clear evidence of voter fraud here? I don't know of any." 

On President Trump's executive order on immigration -- now held up in the courts, much to Trump's displeasure -- Sununu acknowledged that the roll out could have been better but also said that the President is facing undue antagonism, a reflection of the country's visceral political divide. 

"I don't think it was received very well. And, again, maybe the timing was a little tough. But again I support any chief executive that has to make tough decisions, to simply say: What is the process? Let's take a pause, understand our process, before we make any big jumps and leaps  forward."

For the full interview, listen here.