Governor Hassan Says Stay Off Roads, Help Your Neighbors

Feb 9, 2013

In an interview Saturday morning, Governor Hassan tells listeners that road crews are out clearing the roads, but because of wind, drifts, and continued snowfall, people should stay home until later today.

She also recommends that people don't over do it with shovels and snow blowers, and "check in on friends and neighbors who may have difficulty." 

The Fire Department is asking the public to shovel out hydrants, the Governor adds, so they can have access as quickly as possible. 

The Governor says she is still monitoring potential flooding on the Seacoast.  State beaches are closed, she says, so people should stay away. In the meantime, the Governor will continue to receive briefings from emergency directors on the Seacoast and elsewhere. 

Hassan's other suggestions including clearing snow away from heating vents, and making sure generators are connected correctly, at least 10 feet from any building, and sending exhaust away from any structures.