Graham's Gun Tour

Oct 9, 2015

During the first leg of a 10-day campaign trip through New Hampshire Thursday, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham stopped at gun accessories company Samson Manufacturing in Keene.

As NHPR's Paige Sutherland reports, the GOP presidential candidate took a turn with the merchandise, hitting targets with both a 12-gauge shotgun and an RK-15 assault rifle. On his next visit at the Cheshire County Fish & Game Club, the senator also tested out his shooting skills by hitting nearly every skeet disk that flew his way.

He joked, "If shooting matters, I think I won New Hampshire."

Today, Graham will visit Sig Sauer in Epping where he will testing out handguns. 

So, will this gun tour of sorts help move the needle on Graham's campaign? If current polls are any indication, it certainly can't hurt. Despite logging a lot of hours in New Hampshire, Graham has been pulling in around one percent.

Lindsey Graham fires a 12-gauge shotgun while touring Samson, a gun accessory manufacturer in Keene Thursday.
Credit Paige Sutherland for NHPR

Listen to Paige Sutherland's full story on Lindsey Graham's firearms tour of N.H.: