Group Decries Impact Of Federal Healthcare Law

Aug 1, 2013

N.H. residents protesting the federal healthcare law rallied in front of the State House Thursday.
Credit Ella Nilsen

Conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity rallied against the Affordable Care Act in the front of the State House today, detailing concerns including rising costs and doctor shortages.

The protest comes as a panel examines Medicaid Expansion in N.H., a provision of the federal healthcare law.

Director of Americans for Prosperity – N.H., Greg Moore said the group opposes expansion.

“Medicaid is not something I would ever want to be, and it’s not a program I want anyone else on, and Medicaid expansion would take and move tens of thousands of people from private, high-quality insurance into a low-quality substandard Medicaid program.”

Proponents argue that expansion will cover an additional 58,000 of the state’s low income residents at little cost to the state. Governor Maggie Hassan has noted the federal government will pay for the entire cost of expansion until 2016.

Governor Maggie Hassan and the democratically-controlled House support the expansion, but the Senate voted to keep it out of the state budget. The panel will deliver its non-binding recommendations in October.