Gubernatorial TV Spots Analyzed

Aug 23, 2012

You might have seen more than a few political TV ads this summer. Many candidates are gearing up for the general election this November, but New Hampshire still has a Primary coming on September 11th. Granite Staters will be voting to winnow the field of candidates for governor, and these candidates are using TV commercials as part of their campaign strategy.

To analyze these ads we spoke with…

Anthony Tenczar: Associate Professor of Communications and coordinator of the Communication Arts program at UNH Manchester. And...

Patrick Griffin: Chairman of GY&K, a marketing firm in Manchester.

Ovide Lamontange’s TV ads were produced by Sandler-Innocenzi.

Kevin Smith’s TV ads were produced by Revolution Agency.

Maggie Hassan’s TV ads were produced by Joe Slade White & Co.

Jackie Cilley’s TV ads were produced by Murphy Vogel Askew Reilly.