Habitat Efforts Working For New England Cottontail

May 16, 2015

Credit U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

New Hampshire's Fish and Game Department says efforts to improve habitat for the endangered New England Cottontail seem to be working. 

Heidi Holman, a wildlife biologist with the department and leader of the cottontail restoration project, said five to 10 of the rabbits can be found through 11 acres of habitat around the Stonyfield Farm site in Londonderry. Only one or two had been documented in the area before work started to make space for young forest to grow at the site. 

Work on cottontail habitat also is being done on several properties owned by the town of Londonderry. 

Restoration of New Hampshire's only native cottontail is a major effort among the region to restore their population and protect them before they disappear forever.