Handmade Gifts Are Big In N.H.

Dec 21, 2013

The website Craftsy said Manchester is the number one city out of 700 surveyed when it comes to homemade gift giving. The holiday season is no exception.

Aimee Terravechia is a self-described crafter and a consignment shop owner in Alton. She makes all sorts of things but specializes in gift cards. So far this year, her Hanukkah card was a hot item.

“I had one that is sorta like a play on the Fight Club. So it says ‘the first rule of dradle is that we don’t talk about dradle.’ That’s my most popular Hanukkah card I’d say.”

Terravechia says she’s also noticed a huge bump in sales this Christmas season. And, this year, her family is limiting their gifts to handmade or vintage items.

Susie Lowe-Stockwell, is the Executive Director of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.

“The gallery manager in Concord actually—she heard someone say that they were so glad that they bought this here, that it’s not from China. That it’s something that someone actually made here and it’s beautiful.”

Lowe-Stockwell says that to date, six of the seven league shops are reporting a total of about $1.2 million in sales, which is about what they earned by this time last year.