Havenstein Dubs His Anti-Tax Oath 'Pledge 2.0'

Sep 22, 2014

Walt Havenstein in NHPR's studios.
Credit Brady Carlson/NHPR

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Walt Havenstein unveiled an expanded anti-tax pledge Monday.

What Havenstein has dubbed 'Pledge 2.0' not only calls for opposition to a sales or income tax but also for politicians to “oppose any policy that commits New Hampshire taxpayers to unfunded obligations.”

Walt Havenstein says the traditional pledge to oppose new broad-based taxes  is no longer enough. And can’t simply be a “political commitment.”

“It has to be more than that, and it can’t be simply a way of protecting yourself to politics. It has to be a full-fledged commitment to taxpayers, and that commitment has to extend beyond your current term.”

Havenstein didn’t cite a specific area where he believes the state is now spending too much.  But he criticized Governor Hassan  -- who has pledged to oppose a sales or income tax --for not yet releasing spending numbers for the fiscal year that ended in July.

Top demcorats, meanwhile, derided Havenstein’s new pledge as a stunt,  and Hassan’s campaign spokesman called his failure to name specific problems with the budget  “a clueless response.”