High Demand Drives Up Prices At Concord Gun Show

Apr 14, 2013

About 300 vendors are selling firearms at the Concord Gun Show this weekend. NHPR’s Emily Corwin was there.

The parking lot of the Everett Ice Arena is packed with cars, as a steady stream of gun enthusiasts line up for this weekend’s Concord Gun Show.   According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation pending legislation is fueling consumer demand for firearms and ammunition.

At the gun show, buyers say they see that reflected in high prices, especially for ammunition.  

And, attendees say turnout is high:

I was wondering if could describe to me what it looks like in there?


"Eh, about 500 people are in there."

"Few thousand, I’m guessing."

"Well, I’m a shooter so going in there, it is exciting."

DiPrete Promotions, Inc.  will be back for another gun show at the Everett Arena in Concord, the last weekend in August.