Hiker Rescued Saturday Morning By Black Hawk Helicopter

Sep 1, 2012

An Army National Guard Black Hawk helicopter was used Saturday morning to lift an injured, 285-pound hiker off Mount Adams, according to a news release from New Hampshire Fish and Game.

The man, Jason Baker, 43, of Chicago, dislocated his knee  on Mount Adams and about 7:30 Friday evening his two companions called 911 for help.

The trio was in a remote area and Fish and Game Lt. Douglas Gralenski said since they were properly equipped to spend the night on the mountain they were told to wait for a rescue in the morning.

Because of Baker’s weight – and the steepness of the four-mile-long trail -  Gralenski said carrying him down would have been “a monumental task” that would have depleted manpower needed for the remainder of the weekend.

Gralenski said luckily the Black Hawk was available and Baker was removed from the mountain just before 9 a.m.

The Fish and Game officers escorted his two companions off the mountain.