Homeowners' Winter Damage Claims Could Lead To Higher Insurance Rates

Mar 29, 2015

Snow blows off a Hollis roof during one of this winter's many storms
Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

New England's epic winter is on pace to produce a corresponding number of insurance claims.

Thousands of homeowners are filing claims as they begin to repair the damage brought by a record winter. Successive storms dumped a record 110 inches of snow in Boston alone.

Local insurance agents and public adjusters — firms that help homeowners navigate the claim process — say they've been swamped with inquiries and are urging homeowners to be patient.

Property owners say they're bracing for paying some costs out of pocket. Insurance companies say most shouldn't have any reason to worry. Typical homeowners insurance covers most winter-related damage.

But industry watchers warn of pitfalls and suggest insurance customers might ultimately see rates rise in a year as insurers seek to recoup losses.