House Democrats Warn of GOP Agenda

House Democrats are raising alarms that a handful of bills they oppose could be voted on later this month. The announcement comes before lawmakers return to Concord November 30th. 

Speaker Bill O’Brien has taken the unusual step to call the full House together several times this fall already. The chamber is returning in two weeks to take up education funding constitutional amendments.

Democrats say they aren’t sure if Republicans will use that session day to push a number of controversial bills.

Specifically, Minority Leader Terri Norelli says she’s concerned about proposals to limit reproductive rights and other measures to expand 2ndAmendment rights.

“Guns, guns, guns and more guns for everyone and everywhere. We think we have a winning formula already. New Hampshire has been rated the safest state for many years and we don’t need to go down this path.”   

In a statement, the House Majority Leader defends the legislation in question, saying the bills are consistent with Republican’s campaign promises.

A House staffer says there are no plans to take up any of the bills in question next week.