House Explosion, Fire, Evacuations In Salem After Neighbors' Firewood Dispute

Apr 4, 2017

Credit Salem Police Department

Police say a condemned house exploded and went up in flames in Salem as they responded to a neighbor dispute over stacking firewood, and about eight homes were evacuated.

Police said they tried to approach a man near the home Monday night, but never spoke to him. Police Capt. Rob Morin said they heard a hissing sound, followed by a strong odor of gas, and backed away. An explosion blew off the roof and broke windows. Neighbors said they heard a popping sound.

It wasn't clear if the man was inside the house at the time or if he was injured or killed. His name wasn't released. Police said no one was supposed to be living in the home, as it was condemned in2015.

No officers or neighbors were hurt.

Fire investigators will be searching the property Tuesday.