How Do You Coax A Moose Out Of A City? Slowly And Carefully

Jul 2, 2013

This moose dropped by the south end of Concord over the weekend, stopping in the yard of NHPR's Brady Carlson. No word yet on whether the moose is an All Things Considered fan.
Credit Brady Carlson

Seeing a moose in New Hampshire isn’t supposed to be news – unless the moose is in a more developed area, like the south end of Concord… and the person seeing it is a public radio host.

That’s right. On Saturday morning All Things Considered host Brady Carlson found a moose in his yard. Twice. The moose even sat down for a rest at one point, though, thankfully, he avoided the Carlsons' vegetable garden.

Officials from New Hampshire Fish and Game worked with police to eventually get this moose and another in the area back into the woods. One of the officials was Mark Ellingwood, Fish and Game’s Wildlife Division Chief. He explains how the moose likely found their way to the city - and how Fish and Game helps them find their way back to the woods.