How North Country Reps Voted On Gas Tax Hike

Mar 7, 2013

North Country legislators split pretty much along party lines Wednesday on whether to increase the gas and diesel tax and use the money to improve roads and bridges.

Ten Democrats voted in favor of an increase. Six Republicans and one Democrat voted against.

The bill passed 207 – 163.

As NHPR’s Josh Rogers reported the House decided to increase the tax on gas and diesel fuel 15 cents per gallon.

The increase would be phased in over four years for gasoline and six years for diesel.

The bill - HB 617 - now goes to the House Ways and Means Committee for its consideration and possible amendments.

But in its current form it apparently faces strong opposition in the Senate.

Legislators voting in favor of the hike are:

* Rebecca Brown, Democrat of Sugar Hill

* Larry Enman, Democrat of Errol

* Susan Ford, Democrat of Easton

*Marcia Hammon, Democrat of Whitefield

* William Hatch, Democrat of Gorham

* Linda Lauer, Democrat of Bath

* Linda Massimilla, Democrat of Littleton

* Wayne Moynihan, Democrat of Dummer

* Robert Theberge, Democrat of Berlin

* Gary Coulombe, Democrat of Berlin

Legislators voting against the hike are:

* Brad Bailey, Republican of Monroe

* Ralph Doolan, Republican of Littleton

* Edmond Gionet, Republican of Lincoln

* Larry Rappaport, Republican of Colebrook

* Leon Rideout, Republican of Lancaster.

* Herb Richardson, Republican of Lancaster

* Yvonne Thomas, Democrat of Berlin

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