I'm on the Portable Radio

Jan 5, 2011

A radio station in a box! This invention from two Canadians puts everything you need for a broadcast, from microphones to transmitting equipment, into one 40 pound container. And it broadcasts for over 18 miles, too, so it's got a bit more range than, say, Mister Microphone.

The price tag is a little hefty - in the tens of thousands of dollars, in fact. But the inventors aren't hoping to hook podcasters and would-be DJ's here; the portable station concept is intended to bring news and information to remote areas of Africa, where there isn't infrastructure to support other kinds of media. Several kits are already en route to some of these locales; it should be interesting to see if they help keep citizens up to date on local issues, or if they end up with a "morning zoo crew" even in the far reaches of Kenya. [The Next Web]

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