Image Upgrade: Bill Would Change Name of Blood Pond

Dec 28, 2012

Among the hundreds of bills proposed for the 2013 Legislature one seeks to change the somewhat unappealing name of a pond in the North Country.

NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports.

Blood Pond.

It sits just off Route 3 in Lancaster and it sounds more like the perfect location for a horror movie, than a vacation.

That’s the concern of the Mountain Lake Campground located nearby.

Its owners want the name changed to Mountain Lake Pond.

Rep. Leon Rideout is one of the sponsors.

“The request came in from a constituent who owns a campground that borders the pond and the name Blood Pond doesn’t lend itself to good advertising. So, we took a look at it and decided we would introduce a bill to help out a local business.”

It’s not immediately clear how the pond originally got its name although there was a Blood family in the area.

The other sponsor is Herb Richardson, also of Lancaster.

Earlier this year voters in Mont Vernon voted to change the name of Jew Pond because some residents found the name offensive.

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen