International Drug Bust Has Local Ties

Sep 4, 2012

The Department of Justice announced a major drug bust today involving members of a Mexican cartel. 

Undercover agents from the FBI and Boston Police Department tracked the suspects for three years as part of Operation Dark Water. Posing as European drug traffickers, they met with members of the Sinaloa Cartel at undisclosed locations in New Hampshire, Florida and the Virgin Islands.

Then on July 27th, they tipped off Spanish National Police about a shipment of cocaine arriving from Brazil. More than 750-pounds were seized. A high ranking senior member and three operatives were arrested in Madrid.

US Attorney John Kacavas says the bust was a model for 21st century law enforcement.

"The world is smaller," said Kacavas. "And we have to work with law enforcement agencies across the country and across the world in order to stem the tide of these drug trafficking organizations shipping their poison to our streets."

Kacavas says it could take nine months before the suspects are extradited to New Hampshire, where they will face trial.